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Leap 42.1 was was released November 4, 2015 and reached eol May 16, 2017. provides one of the the best known Linux distributions in the world.open SUSE Leap 42.2 was released November 16, 2016 (eol in January 2018). In 2003 the company announced its decision to drop its popular Red Hat Linux in order to concentrate on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux line.The more conservative open SUSE Leap is based on core SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) components with more up-to-date applications.Its releases follow SLE service packs, with the initial release (42.1) based on SLE 12 SP1.

Some come from companies that supply service and support contracts for their products, others are community projects. Google backs Android, which can be found in the wild in phones, tablets and other devices.By 2001 the list had grown to fill both sidebars of the weekly page, often trailing far below any actual mid-page content.So the list was moved to a flat file and released on October 11, 2001. Additional information was added to each entry, and in the process links were fixed, entries moved to different categories and dead distributions were removed. LWN has been tracking Linux distributions since 1999.Early versions of the list consisted of links on the side bars of the weekly Distribution page.

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